Make Your Own App

Making field service apps is easy with EasyForm platform. EasyForm is configurable platform for designing and publishing field service applications without writing any code. EasyForm brings flexibility and agility in defining field service applications. Platform is adaptable to organization need of delivering field service efficiently. Platform supports popular platform like Android and iOS.



1. Create company and users

2. Drag and drop and create your own checklists

3. Checklist mapping to field staff

4. Define work flow, alerts and navigation requirement

EasyForm allows you to modify your app.

If you have more than five field service employee then EasyForm is for you.

If you are running field service and having manual paper process than EasyForm will help you to have your field service management online by equipping your field staff with your own Android app.

EasyForm gives you power of customization. You can make your Field service management app or we can do it for you. It takes few hours to make your own app. No coding is required. With drag and drop web interface and required configuration definition only you can customize your field service management android app.