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Sales Force Automation Tool on Configurable Platform "EasyForm"

Sky Productivity Pvt Ltd, one of the leading provider of configurable Field Service Management Field Service Management (FSM) platform, enhances SME domains portfolio with the launch of Sales Force Automation (SFA) software application stack. Top management is determined about was rolling out a cutting-edge Sales Force Automation application stack. EasyForm is an enterprise class platform well proven in high load with multiple application functioning and handling 300k tasks in months. EasyForm is easy to configure and customize without writing any codes. Configurability brings reliability and adaptability to customer needs. Sky Productivity evaluated what exists in the market and understood gap with respect to what market needs in sales force automation area.

Sky productivity has built end to end Sales Force Automation application stack with the following modules.

1. Lead Management

Managing contact of customers and prospects, as well as the outcome of customer visit, looks very easy job, but it is a much more complex task than we think. Sales Force Automation tool makes salesman job simple by providing contact and visits logs information on figure tip.

2. Order Management

Management of offers and orders required information like product catalogs, price lists, and discounts. It is difficult to keep sales force in field synchronize with dynamic information like products, price, and discount. Sales Force Automation empowers field staff with the required information for the management of orders.

3. Dispatch / Delivery Management

Sales force management tool gives central visibility of order booking to team planning delivery/dispatch or material / services. Planning team generates taking schedule for field staff. Field staff has to just execute what they have in mobile as task listing. Payment collection could be part of delivery/dispatch management.

4. Online Location Monitoring

Location information of field resources is critical information for optimization of operation cost. Sales Force Automation tool gives a map view of the current location of field resources like sites, customers, sales staff, service staff, etc. Location monitoring brings accountability to build an efficient organization.

5. Brand Audit / Competition Information

It is said that whatever is visible get sold. Visibility of a brand in the market makes a difference. It is important to understand the visibility of the competition too. Sales Force Automation to has the functionality to reports brand-related information with photos form field.

6. Geo Attendance

One of the challenges in the management of large field staff having spread across large scale geography is how to record attendance. Sales force GPS geotag/geo-fence functionality solves the problem of attendance recording.

7. Expense Management

Expense management is another challenge faces by the finance and accounting team when it comes to field staff. Sales Force Automation tool enables field staff to report expensing using mobile along with receipt photos. Account time can reconcile millage with GPS recorded trip history.

8. Service Desk

After sale service is a critical part of the business. Great service keeps customer delight index at a higher level and brings repeat order by generating stickiness with service/product. Service management is part of a sales force automation tool.


EasyForm Wins 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star Award from Finances Online...

EasyForm Expense Management  software Accredited with 2 Esteemed Titles for Expenses Management Software by a Reputed Directory for Business Software

EasyForm Expense Management app has been certified with the 2018 Great User Experience and 2018 Rising Star awards by FinancesOnline, a reputed B2B and SaaS review site. FinancesOnline is one of the fastest growing discovery platforms for business solutions, visited by millions of decision makers each month.

The 2018 Great User Experience is a clear sign that EasyForm Expense Management has lived up to its name, as the award is given to the most well-designed, intuitive, and easy to use solutions in the market. Furthermore, FinancesOnline’s accounting software for small business research also indicate that EasyForm is one of the top solutions in 2018. This is well-supported by FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award, which is given to software solutions that are trusted by clients for its reliability and effectiveness in handling one’s day-to-day work.

Aside from providing us with industry awards, FinancesOnline applauded the various EasyForm Expense Management features for enabling businesses to manage their expenses with ease. Among the key benefits and functionalities cited in the review include hassle-free expense claim submissions through mobile devices, fast approval process with online submissions, and “transparent travel claims” through our GPS technology. They also commended EasyForm for its category split reports and trends, as it is able to provide businesses with actionable insights to “further optimize cost and dramatically enhance their bottom line.”

Reviewed under FinancesOnline’s expenses management study, their experts concluded: “Simply put, EasyForm Expense Management is an excellent solution for recording expense claims and advance payouts. With EasyForm Expense Management, businesses and organizations enjoy greater and better visibility over their spend.”

If you’re a long-time user of EasyForm, don’t forget to leave a user review on FinancesOnline so we can hear your thoughts about our field service management platform


Sky Productivity launch Field Service Management platform “EasyForm“ for SMEs.

EasyForm is Enterprise grade configurable field service management platform extensively used in Telecom industries. Large mobile operators, Tower companies and Telecom service providers are user of EasyForm. Sky Productivity  has diversified to non-telecom segment by creating end to end application stack for SMEs.

The company also aims to reach annual revenue of $1 Million and aims to grow multi fold with eyeing large SME market segment, considering affordable solution with capability to deliver and meet need of SMEs faster than other players in marker.


The company has proven track record of servicing large enterprise with scalable field service management platform. EasyForm platform is handing more than 25,000 active users and 300k+ tasks in month. Sky productivity has extended this platform to non-telecom segment with objective to create Digital Work Force for improving SMEs business efficiency.


Speaking about achievements of organization, Mr. Aakash Patel, CEO, Sky Productivity said, “We are delighted to announce our market expansion in the Indian Small and Medium Enterprise segment. We do aim to expand in overseas market in next phase. We are very excited to bring our Enterprise class Field service management platform to serve SMEs at affordable price on SaaS modal. Our configurable platform is adaptable to our customers business needs. We are confident of adding value to our customers business by improving field operation and bringing simplicity as well as visibility. We bring to our customers basket of applications under umbrella of   Sales and Service app stack  starting form e-commerce web site, Lead management, Order management, delivery management, Service management, Expense management, online monitoring of field resources and geo attendance. Our customer can choose what make sense to their business and pay for what they use. We understand pain point of SMEs, we take away IT management headache by offering SaaS modal so they can focus on core business.”


Sky Productivity has built world class processes to manage and serve business critical application. Objective is to bring simplicity and visibility for improving efficiency of business ultimately resulting in lower cost, customer delight and higher revenue.


About Sky Productivity Pvt Ltd:

Sky Productivity Pvt. Ltd.  has configurable field service management platform EasyForm as product. Platform is popular in Telecom segment for management of mobile network large Digital field force. Platform empowers field staff with information on tip of fingers and end to end visibility of work to be executed. Platform is used to handle complex task of Network deployment, Network operation, Network service assurance, Health and safety etc.

Sky productivity believes that SMEs productivity and efficiency can be improved by equipping them with  Sales and Service app stack. EasyForm platform has capability to convert existing workforce to efficient Digital work force and give end to end visibility of business KPIs for better decision making. Large sectors like FMCG, Manufacturing, Apparel, Automotive, Consumer Durables are potential sectors are waiting to go digital. Sky Productivity came up with innovative approach of enabling SMEs to have digital work force for managing business with increase sales and service effectiveness to optimize revenue and bottom line.


Covert your field staff into Digital Work Force

Digital Work Force is now not limited to high tech large corporate companies. Enterprise calls configurable field service platform like “EasyForm” are now available for SMEs. Companies with more then 20 field employees can get benefited by converting existing field staff to Digital Work Force. Sky Productivity Pvt Ltd, brings enterprise class configurable Field Service Management Field Service Management  (FSM) platform to SMEs for moving to Digital Work Force concept at affordable cost. 

What is Digital Work Force?

Digital Worker is equipped with tools and connectivity to perform task with higher efficiency and better accuracy. Typical example is Automation of sales force team. Salesman are equipped with mobile handset with Sales force automation application as tool. 

                               Benefits of Digital Work Force

Sales Force Automation application connects field staff with central repository of database and empower to access information like customer / prospect contacts, Visit logs, Order status, delivery status, Service request status etc online. Supervisor and central planning team gets visibility of actions happening in field. Sales force automation application brings many benefits to organization. 

Sky productivity pay as you go modal helps SMEs to adapt Sales Force Automation  tool in phase manners. Digital Work Force at affordable cost becomes reality for SMEs. SMEs can start with say one module like Lead management or Order management or Service management or as simple as geo attendance. Having tested benefits if Digital Work Force other modules can be added in phases for moving to end to end business process digitization.

Sky productivity is aiming at integrating IoT and machine learning technology to take EasyForm field service management platform to next level.