Covert your field staff into Digital Work Force

Covert your field staff into Digital Work Force

Digital Work Force is now not limited to high tech large corporate companies. Enterprise calls configurable field service platform like “EasyForm” are now available for SMEs. Companies with more then 20 field employees can get benefited by converting existing field staff to Digital Work Force. Sky Productivity Pvt Ltd, brings enterprise class configurable Field Service Management Field Service Management  (FSM) platform to SMEs for moving to Digital Work Force concept at affordable cost. 

What is Digital Work Force?

Digital Worker is equipped with tools and connectivity to perform task with higher efficiency and better accuracy. Typical example is Automation of sales force team. Salesman are equipped with mobile handset with Sales force automation application as tool. 

                               Benefits of Digital Work Force

Sales Force Automation application connects field staff with central repository of database and empower to access information like customer / prospect contacts, Visit logs, Order status, delivery status, Service request status etc online. Supervisor and central planning team gets visibility of actions happening in field. Sales force automation application brings many benefits to organization. 

Sky productivity pay as you go modal helps SMEs to adapt Sales Force Automation  tool in phase manners. Digital Work Force at affordable cost becomes reality for SMEs. SMEs can start with say one module like Lead management or Order management or Service management or as simple as geo attendance. Having tested benefits if Digital Work Force other modules can be added in phases for moving to end to end business process digitization.

Sky productivity is aiming at integrating IoT and machine learning technology to take EasyForm field service management platform to next level.

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